Here’s how you get an extended vehicle warranty

An extended vehicle warranty is an additional warranty that you can buy for your vehicle so the protection remains for a longer duration than what the manufacturers set. The extended warranty can be similar to the factory one, or you can get something even better. It is always a wise idea to opt for the warranty to make sure that your repairing needs remain covered. Read on to know more.

What’s the procedure?

The process to buy the extended warranty for your car is rather simple. You just have to decide whether you want the car manufacturer’s warranty or a third party. The warranty extension from the manufacturer can be bought from a car dealership near you. However, if you want a third-party warranty, you can buy that online. You can do a comparison among various providers to find the best deals with great benefits, which the manufacturer’s warranty may not offer. To buy the extended vehicle warranty, you need to

  • Determine if you want factory or third-party warranty
  • Find the best available option online when buying the third-party warranty
  • Ask for a free quote to understand how much it will cost
  • Customize the extended warranty plan according to your specific requirements
  • Finalize the plan and pay online after you are convinced

What determines the price?

The price of the extended vehicle warranty depends on a variety of factors. Check the below list to find out what they are.

  • Length of the warranty
    The duration of the warranty determines how much it will cost you. The providers offer a variety of options with the warranty length. It can be a short-term warranty or one that lasts for years. The longer the duration, the higher it is priced.
  • Type of vehicle
    The type of vehicle you have will decide how much you need to pay for the extended warranty. This is even true in the case of commercial vehicles as you will require to pay higher for their warranty.
  • Age of the car
    As the car ages, it will surely require more repairs. This is why the warranty for older cars costs more. The providers will decide the price based on the reputation of the car manufacturer and how long the vehicle has been driven.
  • Coverage
    The price of the warranty largely depends on what is being covered. A general plan can be more affordable compared to a comprehensive plan that includes added benefits and coverages.

How to find the best plan for an extended vehicle warranty?
Here are some tips that will help you find the best extended warranty for your vehicle.

  • Look for third-party providers over dealership warranty as they offer better deals
  • Compare the warranty plans online to find the best one
  • Check the ratings and reviews on warranty providers online before selecting a company
  • Read the exclusions and inclusions of the warranty before finalizing your purchase

An extended vehicle warranty is necessary to maintain the health of your car without emptying your pockets. However, make sure to settle for a trustworthy provider to get value for your money.